Many have asked: What is ATUNAS??? How many of you have owned one?

There is a funny story behind the name of the brand that in the early years was in fact considered a cool option for a few pioneers of the sport.

The name of ATUNAS is taken from the word “Tuna”, as the fish so full of vitality and yummies. It happens the founder of the company loves fishing and this kind of fish so much that he used to praise the fish as “Ah! Tunas!”, and then ATUNAS was born. True story.

Behind this fun story was a company who started with the production of various EVA watersports products since 1975. During this early stage, the founder described it was more like a pelagic fish fighting in the wide ocean.

This spirit has also made the company members understand the consumers’ needs regarding safe watersports equipment. Tuna also represents the close ties of the ATUNAS family as everyone dedicates their efforts and enthusiasm and strives to provide customers with quality products and services.

So in the past 48 years, ATUNAS has survived to the fierce world market and is not only focused on providing great products and services but also makes efforts on Corporate Social Responsibility, such as recycling manufacturing waste, promoting the “Leave No Trace” concept in Taiwan.

If you’re wonder, yep they still assemble bodyboards nowadays and they even have pro and eco-friendly lines in hand for your pleasure. No shit!