People doesn’t know this but we, as a bodyboard media since 1994, have the mission to share this message with the tribe.

What happened in the last Arica Cultura Bodyboard pres. by Pride Bodyboards, the inaugural stop of the men’s 2022 IBC World Tour, was absolutely HISTORIC. 

Amaury Lavernhe, the winner, had an historic performance at the event. Not just because of the 20 points made (out of a max of 20) in the final, but above all due to its supremacy in the final stages of the comp.

The words written by Mike Stewart, a few days ago, don’t get us wrong: 

“Someone prove me wrong but I think his total combined wave scores in one heat might be the highest ever recorded in professional wave riding – 53,70 points. I believe Shane Beschen (pro surfer) onced scored three 10s but does anyone know what were his backup scores?”

For the record, Moz scored a total of 53,70 points in 6 waves ridden. Tristan Roberts, the runner up rider, scored a total of 27,90 points in 8 waves ridden in the final… yet take note Amaury also pointed 10-point rides in the semis and quarters – on his opening heat waves. Wow! Double wow!  

Here’s what the Frenchman had to say about this amazing and unforgettable win: “Can’t find the words right now to express how I’m feeling after such an high performance day for bodyboarding. I just feel so thankful for what the universe has planned for me today and super grateful for all the support I received during this event. A huge congrats to all the competitors for putting the show during this Arica Cultura Bodyboard!”

We love you, Moz.
And thank you for The Amaury Show!

All photos by Pablo Jimenez