Holy Africa 2 is a movie that explores Namibia’s most perfect, endless stretch of sand. It’s an outrageous adventure with the Pride Team shredding Skeleton Bay fast and furious pits. A must-watch film with Pierre-Louis Costes, Isabela Sousa and Tristan Roberts, but also the Portuguese talent Stephan Kokorelis who give a few important tips in a quick Q & A.

Holy Africa, what a saga movie! This time the team went to Skeleton Bay which is an amazing and unique wave – very fast and hollow. You need to be a good tube rider for sure. Any tips on how to ride it in the best way? 

Yeeeah! Feels good to remember this wave again. Skeleton or The Donkey for the locals could be also named The African Express. It’s very beautiful but sometimes too fast. It’s really difficult to keep up with the speed of the wave. 

The main tip I have to share is to not brake at all. If you do it, you will not go through the next section and most likely regret it for the rest of the day (or life). Be patient and wait for a bomb because you will not like to walk 2km for an average wave. 

“I would say the best is a bigger board with volume to drive fast and smooth on those critical sections”

How was it to be involved on a trip with such top riders and characters like Tristan Roberts, PLC and Isabela Sousa? 

For me it’s a pleasure and the best way to do a bodyboarding trip. It’s incredible to see the consistency of Tristan, doing crazy and long barrels wave after wave and still running in the beach to get more. Pierre smoothness line, riding it with the best style always, making it look easy. And Bella was surprising me by riding some big ones and always with the biggest smile, even after 8 hours of walking and paddling non-stop. 

“Pierre smoothness line, riding it with the best style always, making it look easy”

Who do you enjoy watching the most?

Ufff, tuff question! If I was judging I had to give the 10 to Tristan. I was really impressed with the quantity and quality of his waves. He is unstoppable. Literally, barrel after barrel all day. And his last barrel of the first day of swell was insane. I was by his side when he started paddling and I was screaming for 30 seconds just by watching the wave from backwards. 

“I was really impressed with the quantity and quality of Tristan waves”

The inclusion of different spots in movies it’s important, but what’s your global appreciation of the trip? 

I believe it’s a dreamy wave for everyone. It’s  the longest and best barrel, I have to say. Namibian desert is one of the most beautiful. I really thought we were going for a mission, just waves and no, at all. Was an amazing trip for 7 days, just 4 days of waves. 

There’s a problem with planning a trip in advance there. You really need a specific swell to surf the wave and the banks need to be good. So, you will need to be in touch with someone over there and check the forecast everyday during the high season and just book the flight 3 days before the swell arrive. 

“I believe it’s a dreamy wave for everyone. It’s  the longest and best barrel”

Besides that, I definitely recommend going there. It’s all worth it when you are packed on those big and long barrels. It’s just a dream, no better feeling in my opinion. 

A final input on Koko’s performance and companionship comes from the one and only Pierre-Louis Costes. Here’s what the Frenchman had to say:

“I love Steph. He’s a friend of mine for a long time and has so much potential in the sport. I was really happy for him to join the team and having the opportunity to be with us on the trip. He has such a good vibe and absolutely shreds in the ocean. He fits well in the Pride team and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!”

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