When we published the piece with the IBC (find it here), Jacob Romero got in touch and said that there was no progress on the world tour and that since 2020, when the organization took over, the sport has been stagnant.

Well, instead of exchanging countless Instagram private messages, we decided the best thing would be to send a few questions so that we could share his vision with our audience.

Here’s what Jacob Romero, 38 years old, born and raised in Maui, Hawaii, has to say to the bodyboard fans.

How’s life in Maui so far?

How long haven’t you competed on the world tour and how it happens the come back in the Morocco event?

Were you amped for the event?

So you feel you were eliminated from the draw because of an underscored wave? Please share your point of view.

So you’re done with IBC for the future or just for now?

Related to the world tour, in what areas would you like to see improvement?

Photos by Cabo Freak Fest