The young photographer and filmmaker just released a new 7 minutes short film enlightening the 2022 and 2023 seasons where he chased Portugal’s perfection day after day. You may find it on top.

Rafael Elias, 21 years old, is a young talent that doesn’t misses a session. Years and years of recording, he is definitely one of the names to remember and to keep an eye among the filmmakers community.

It’s been a long journey since he was a kid, with ups and downs but totally worth it. Let’s find out who the man is, what feels like being behind the camera and why, according to him, shooting is “a dream job”.

How old were you when you got into Photography?

Rafael Elias: When I was a kid Iremember my mom and dad having a small camera and that was my first contact with photographic cameras. When I was 14 years I got my first camera, a Canon 1200D and at the time I was so happy to get my first camera. Two years later I upgraded to the Canon 70D and I thought that camera was the best one. At that time I didn’t know to much about cameras.

Two years ago I upgraded to Sony A7III, a perfect lens and a nice tripod to shoot surfing, I spend all my money at that time on those things. After this I never stop and I dedicate myself on video.

“I think a video can tell a better story”

You still photograph but somewhere in the process you made the transition to video. Why?

RE: Nowadays I still photograph. I always have passion for Photography and I will still take pictures but I think video it’s more interesting, because you can see all things that you did. I think a video can tell a better story. For example, when filming surf you can see your wave since the beginning until the end, notice the mistakes you did and improve.

You’re also a bodyboarder. Is it hard for you to miss all those incredible sessions?

RE: It’s so hard when it’s classic conditions stay shooting and don’t get into the water. Last year I had a knee injury so I had no choice, I always stayed at the beach filming all the time. This year it’s hard to choose filming or surfing. When the conditions are very big for me I film, and when it’s a little bit smaller I always go to the water but when it’s 1,5/2 meters classic waves my brain explodes and I don’t know what I should do. (laughs)

“(PLC) technique is amazing, he is the most technical guy ever”

When shooting, which bodyboarder do you prefer the most?

RE: For sure, Pierre-Louis Costes. For me he is the best bodyboarder of all time. His technique is amazing, it’s the most technical guy ever. He’s also a great person aswell, one of my idols and a good friend of mine.

The most photogenic surf spot you’ve been so far?

RE: The Bunker for sure. The perfection of this wave is unbelievable! This wave look like another wave in the other part of this world but it’s not, it’s in Portugal. I can say my dream spot to shoot surf it’s Teahupoo. For me it’s the most perfect wave in the world.

“Bodyboard it’s a sport that has not so much money involved and all of us do it by passion”

While working, what gives you total satisfaction?

RE: Capture and filming the perfect moment at the right time. When I see the people happy, I’m happy too!

Is this short film a tribute to Portugal, a place you consider your regular playground?

RE: Yeah, for sure! Portugal is the best playground in the Europe and one of the best of the world. You have waves all year round, all Winter or even Summer seasons. So many waves to surf, if you are a beginner or professional you have all this waves to surf. Is not a coincidence Portugal have a lot of the best riders in the world living here.

“(…) it’s hard to choose filming or surfing”

All those sessions you film are made of a wolfpack of bodyboarders that search the best waves and conditions on a daily basis. How do you define that small passionate gang?

RE: I always give a call to the same guys. It’s a group of small people that I know, some of them are my friends and they always go to these epic sessions. These guys are amazing, always chasing the perfect swell and the perfect wave.

Bodyboard it’s a sport that has not so much money involved and all of us do it by passion, we won’t be rich with that. So we share the same passion and I think it’s beautiful.

“When I see the people happy, I’m happy too!”

Ok, last question. What holds the future for you?

RE: This year I went to the university to study cinema. I would like to improve my skills with cameras and other areas related with it. Learn from the best guys and listen the advice from experience people in this area in order to be a great professional in the future. As Cristiano Ronaldo once said, “Talent without work it’s nothing.”