Anas Haddar is a 26 years old bodyboarder, he is from Mehdia Beach in Morocco. He is also a 3x Moroccan Champion, runner-up of the World Junior Championship (2011), 3x runner-up of the ETB (in 2013, 2015 and 2016) and 4x winner of ETB events, including the last one held in April in Costa de Caparica – The Caparica Bodyboard Pro. 

You started the season with a strong win on the first event of the ETB 2019. Is the European title a goal for you?

Since the first time I entered in an ETB event in Morocco at Rabat, in 2008, my dream was to show a good level during the competition and to make a presence in the finals. Unfortunately, I was very young and didn’t have enough skills to go though the final rounds. But that motivated me to stay more hungry about winning, so I’ve trained harder until I reach my first victory in 2013, at ETB La salie in France. I finished fourth in the next event in Zumaia, Spain and the title race stayed between me and Pierre-Louis Costes for the last event in Morocco in my hometown. I finished fourth in that event and second in the ranking, which left me very upset. But like they say, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger, so I focused on training harder until I win again in 2015 in Azores. It was the same story in 2013, 2015 and again in 2016. So, actually, after this victory, I am more hungry then ever and my goal is to be an European champion 2019.

What can you say about the Caparica Bodyboard Pro regarding waves, competition and organization?

Last year was the first time an ETB was run in Caparica. Two legends of the bodyboard live there, the European Champion Hugo pinheiro and the World Champion Pierre-Louis Costes. They are always dropping amazing sessions photos in their social media, so that means the place has good waves. The organization was very professional, all the riders were showing a high level and the battle for the win was very hard against the Canarian kid Carlos Suarez. In the future I hope to live more experiences in Caparica. I want to thank the European Surfing Federation for taking care of this sport and for trying to developing it.

Will you compete in all stops of the ETB 2019? Last event may happen in your homeland. What are your thoughts? 

Yes, I will try to participate in all the events this year. Like I said, my goal is to win the title, so to have more chances it is necessary to enter in all stops of the tour.

Beside you, who are the best candidates for the ETB Cup this year?

It’s difficult to say any concrete names after competing and watching the high level presented by all the riders. Anyone can win, this is the game, besides hard training, there are slight details that can change everything in competition, like the waves conditions, wind and tides.

Last question. What’s like the Bodyboarding scene in Morocco?

A high level of Bodyboard in Morocco has started to show up recently. We are getting now more titles in competition, in both Junior and Open divisions and we have good waves during the Winter season, I’m sure that the Moroccan bodyboarders can achieve good results if they participate in the international events. The only thing missing, like everywhere in the World, is sponsoring and investing, but even aware of this situation we shouldn’t stop showing how amazing this sport is. NEVER LOSE HOPE.

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