Com o final de ano à porta está na altura de adiantarmos a lista dos 10 vídeos mais vistos ao longo de 2018 na plataforma online da Vert Magazine. Confere então o top 10 do ano: 

#1 Mike Stewart sente na pele a fúria de Teahupoo

When you seek to define your personal limits eventually you’ll find them. While in Portugal recently I got the call from the new @we_the_bodysurfers_the_movie that there was a swell in Tahiti, after reviewing the @surfline forecast I was all in. I was having a great session until the end of my last wave when good things came to an abrupt halt. As I rode my last wave I found a new technique that took me faster, out of the barrel and onto the shoulder. I then tucked both arms in, attempting to go faster still, to get out in front of the white water snow ball. The idea being to better penetrate the waves face and cut out, avoiding the dreaded inside suck over onto the dry reef. It was a miserable fail. As I dove into the wave face I soon felt that inescapable, eerie anxiety of my body getting sucked over backwards. At first almost in slow motion, I then quickly accelerated downward into the reef, bouncing hard along the messed up craggy bottom. I suffered what must be my worst contusions ever surfing and only the second time I ever got stitches riding waves. A sore lesson that I don’t plan on repeating. Clip by #msviperfins #patagoniasurf @we_the_bodysurfers_the_movie #bodysurfing #teahupoo

Publicado por Mike Stewart em Quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2018

#2 Tanner McDaniel spanking the Texas pool

#3 Primeiro bodyboarder no Surf Ranch

#4 Novo desporto: Bodyboard na neve

De l'océan à la montagne

Quand Fred Compagnon invente un nouveau sport ça donne ça … la vidéo complète arrive…

Publicado por In pow we trust em Sexta-feira, 13 de abril de 2018

#5 Exploring the Island

#6 Juntando o Rio ao Mar

#7 South side of Nazaré

#8 The Supertubos compilation

#9 PLC por casa

#10 Mike Stewart’s bomb at Praia do Norte