‘On Board’ é um filme de 40 minutos de duração com muito bodyboard, um pouco de skate e boa música. Com Ryan Hardy, Ben Veitch, Lewy Finnegan, Kim Feast, George Humphreys, Davis Blackwell e muitos outros. Filmagem e edição a cargo de Cian Salmon.

ENG // On Board is a labour of love spanning six years. Thousands of kilometers and enumerable export cans. The original idea was to shoot a gang of Geraldton based delinquents skating, sponging and doing dumb shit all over WA. Since then it has morphed into something with slightly less dumb shit and a lot more sponging. It now represents the collective efforts of a diverse group of Western Australians and their attempts to have the most fun possible on their respective crafts. First full length film from Cian Salmon at Thridlink Productions. Featuring: Ben Veitch, Ryan Hardy, Max Millet, Brady Summers, Lewy Finnegan , Davis Blackwell, George Humphreys, Kim Feast, Beau Ryan, Mitchell Schultz, Tom Forward e Kyle Ward.