Evan Fa acaba de editar e lançar um vídeo com ele próprio em ação com imagens captadas em Maui, Taiti e o sul da Califórnia. Basicamente, o que Evan nos diz é que envelhecer não é assim tão mau quanto parece… até é ‘cool’!

ENG // Getting old isn’t so bad. It’s actually pretty cool. Although you get sore more easily, you get smarter and wiser. That’s where I got this “wise” idea to patch together some one to two to three year old clips I’ve been sitting on like a troll does his gold. Since bodyboarding is sort of a poor man’s sport, and I can’t afford to pay people to film me, I had to coax my friends into trading getting barreled themselves in exchange for sitting on the rocks, sand, or even in the water to shoot clips of me so I could eventually show it all off to people on the web to boost my self-esteem.

So, as you can see, people sweated in the sun, and I donated some flesh to the reef, in the making of this two minute montage. I’m not saying you have to like it, but I think it warrants some appreciation because of these reasons. If not for me, then for my friends—Eric Schnitzler, Wade “Wade-O” Saunders, Robbie Crawford, Matthew Tanaka, Chad Stickney and Dewey Kiethley—that did all of the hard work.