Está confirmado o regresso do Pipe Invitational à APB Tour e a Banzai Pipeline depois de este ter recebido licença de realização até 2021. Depois de um hiato de 1 ano, o bodyboard está de regresso a um dos seus principais palcos – o Havai. A prova, que tem período de espera entre 24 de fevereiro e 8 de março, já perto do final da temporada havaiana, deverá usar apenas 1 dia para realizar a competição. Lê mais abaixo o critério de admissão. 

EN // After a few years off the world tour one of the world’s most iconic events makes a welcome comeback in 2019 securing a one-day permit for the Pipe contest.

The main event window will take place from February 24th to March 8th with the trials set to take place between Feb 18th -23rd at Kea’au on the Westside. These trials will be open to ALL RIDERS wishing to compete in Men, Women or DK.

To enter the trials go to

This year’s event will be rated on the QEST Tour for Men only with a 3 Star rating confirmed. The event will also cater for Women & Dropknee, however this will be simply an exhibition opportunity to surf Pipe for the Top 4 in both divisions.

Mike has worked tirelessly with his team to make this happen and is really stoked to get a contest back at his favourite wave.

“This has been an extremely active winter so far on the North Shore with a series of swells back-to-back at Pipe. With almost two weeks in the holding period we are virtually guaranteed of getting a great day for the main event”, said Mike.

The 40-man format for the Men’s QEST event will be as follows:

APB Top 24

8 invites

4 wildcards

4 trialists

20-minute heats with 4-man heats.

APB Tour Manager Teza Mckenna explains whats in the table:

“Whilst a 1-day permit has been secured for 2019, multi-day permits for 2020 & 2021 are in the process so all eyes will be on this year’s event. Its hoped that this event will once again be a Grand Slam next year”.