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The International Bodyboarding Corporation is a non-profit organisation that represents and promotes bodyboarding across the World at all levels from grassroots development through to professional world tour events.

As of 11 February 2020, Corporacion Internacional de Bodyboard (International Bodyboarding Corporation when translated into english) has been officially registered as a non-profit organisation based in the Chilean city of Antofagasta. As the IBC, falls into 1 of two non-profit types groups under the law of Chile. Cultural organisations involving elements such as art, music, theatre etc are known as a foundation (Fundacion). Bodyboarding, recognised as a sport, sits within the second of these groups and as such had to be registered as a corporation under Chilean law.

The IBC will unite all riders (professional and amateur), national and regional associations, clubs and other related bodyboarding entities, bodyboarding schools and coaching groups, social upliftment initiatives centred around bodyboarding, photographers, filmmakers, event organisers, technical staff and the fans of bodyboarding.

The IBC has a primary goal of developing and supporting bodyboarding around the world and empowering regional areas to develop the sport. Through the work done in growing bodyboarding within countries such as Chile, Brazil, Peru, Portugal, Spain and the Canary Islands over the last six years, the various members behind the IBC have developed an academically proven framework to use bodyboarding as tool for social upliftment and change by connecting more people with joys of wave riding and the opportunities that come with it.

Events on the world tour have a positive influence on the local communities. Not only do these events unite entities involved in bodyboarding, but it brings together local municipalities and government groups who work alongside the promoters.

This collaboration leads to social upliftment within the local communities through increased tourism revenues, inspiring and giving people the opportunity to pursue positive avenues, such as bodyboarding. This development of the local communities is happening across the world, from South America, to Europe and to Africa.

In countries such as Chile, Peru and Brazil, bodyboarding is an increasingly constructive outlet for children, giving them the chance to experience the stoke that wave riding offers. The groundwork that has been done in the likes of Portugal, Spain and across the Canary Islands is creating a whole new generation of riders. Even in countries such as South Africa (home of the last 3 World Bodyboarding Champions), the development of the next generation is under way. More and more grassroot type initiatives are also being increased across the USA and Australia. It is time to ensure all these different entities come together for the betterment and advancement of bodyboarding.

Bodyboarding, as a vehicle of positive change, opens many more doors for the acquisition of funds for events that form part of the World Tour. Government funding is a reality and so is the option of securing larger sponsors for events. It is no longer about soley investing money directly into a sport, it is about investing money to develop the local communities through bodyboarding.

During the current transition period, the IBC consists of an interim committee made up of the individuals who set up and created the IBC in Chile. This group along with professional riders, event promoters, technical event staff, judges, photographers and filmmakers have been working tirelessly together to set the foundations on which the next era of bodyboarding will be built.

The interim committee will remain in place until June 2020, when the first IBC AGM will take place during the Antofagasta Bodyboarding Festival in Antofagasta, Chile. At the inaugural AGM, the official IBC committee will be voted in.

From July 2020, the IBC will consist of a balanced committee that represents the global bodyboarding community including the professional riders, promoters, technical staff, judges and more that make up the bodyboarding community. At this point, the real hard work of the IBC can get underway.

Leading upto to the AGM in June of this year, the structure of the world tour and the success of the various contests is being led by the promoters behind these events that comprise the current world tour.

Since October 2019, there have been ongoing negotiations between the IBC and the professional riders, represented as the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB), and the IBC is excited to announce that all involved have come to an agreement and have pledged their support and commitment to the sport and the future development of bodyboarding.

Whilst the official IBC committee will be voted in during the Antofagasta Bodyboarding Festival taking place in June of this year, the whole 2020 world tour will be treated as a transitional entity in order to be ready to run a solid world tour tour in 2021.

The 2020 world tour consists of 4 main divisions: 

1. Men (9 events)
2. Women (8 events)
3. Pro Junior (3 events)
4. Dropknee (4 events) 

Location details, ratings and prize money for the 2020 World Tour calendar: