After months of collecting testimonials and evidence from bodyboarders, judges, media and contest organizers, in the beginning of July the APB have confirmed the achievements of the following riders and they are now part of the bodyboarding historic records.

Jacky Buder, from United States representing Hawaii, is officially the first Dropknee World Champion after winning the 1998 GOB World Tour winning the first event in Australia. Jacky claimed the world title at Pipeline after finishing fourth in the final. That same year, Ardiel Jimenez (Canary Islands) won the French event and Ben Holland the Pipeline event. The Reunion Island comp was cancelled in the final due to conditions being too stormy.

Xavier Canesson from France, representing the caribbean island of Martinique, claimed the 1999 Dropknee world title. After the French event being cancelled due to lack of waves, Xavier placed third at Pipeline just ahead of compatriot Thomas Richard in order to win the first ever world title for Europe. Ben Holland won the event again and Aka Lyman placed second.

Tyson Williams, from Australia, who sadly passed away in August 2016, claimed the 2001 Dropknee world title after winning the Reunion Island event at St. Pierre. Pipeline was meant to be decider, but was downgraded to a specialty event and the Australian became the 2001 World Champion with one world tour win. xxx

Photo by Chris Stroh