More than 100 bodyboarders from the United States, Hawaii, Chile, Brazil and several other parts of the World, gathered in San Diego, California, last weekend for the first professional bodyboarding competition in nearly a decade. Wow!

The event was organized by APB North American and Bodyboarding US, with Hawaiian Dave Hubbard winning on both Dk and Pro Mens divisions.

Below the final results and the highlights clip.

Men Pro
01. Dave Hubbard
02. Bob Kithcart
03. Daniel Worley
04. Marcelo Freitas

Women Pro
01. Valentina Diaz
02. Vicki Reale
03. Monica Dell Amore
04. Danniela Benitez

01. Dave Hubbard
02. Bud Miyamoto
03. Nick Borgens
04. Daniel Worley

1. Andrew Ebert
2. Jay Reale
3. David Long
4. Seikiti Shinmon